Sunday, 29 May 2011

H&F Cllr Greg Smith on "F@#king" Twitter!

Cllr Greg Smith is a man's man. When he's not cracking down hard on the local criminal fraternity (good) or introducing charges for personal trainers to get local people fit in parks (silly) there is nothing our Cabinet Member for Residents Services likes better than to watch Forumla One racing. And tweet about it.

Nothing wrong with that, it's just that, well, Greg gets angry. And he shares his earthy wrath with the 129 people who subscribe to his fiery updates, which as you can see are very much of the bar room variety.

Now anyone that knows me personally will understand that for me to criticise anyone else for bad language would be hypocrisy taken to extreme, and actually I quite like Cllr Smith although I don't know him that well. I dealt with his team during my coverage of the General Election campaign for Hammersmith last year, during which he was unfailingly courteous despite not liking some of what I wrote, and I'd score him as by far one of the most effective members of H&F Council with an impressive record of supporting the police.He's also just launched a free weekly fun run on Wormwood Scrubs - excellent stuff.

And anyway, it's good to have colourful characters. The only problem though is that it does tend to get noticed by his opponents, the local Labour attack blog featured Cllr Smith's four letter rantings here and the current edition of Private Eye reports on an, er, emotional description of a Labour cllr as a "twat" and a "moron" at a recent meeting at the Town Hall.

And therefore I come to the point of this tongue in cheek article - several of Cllr Smith's Conservative colleagues have told me in the last few weeks they wish he would tone it down a bit. I kind of hope he doesn't listen to them, but in the spirit of public service, I thought I'd pass the message on!

Have a good Bank Holiday Monday, Greg!


  1. LOL! What a scream. You rule.

  2. He looks like a fucking toff.

  3. He is a toff. He's also on the staff of the Young Britons' Foundation

  4. Bet his Twitter followers have swelled in numbers! Hamilton woz robbed!