Monday, 23 May 2011

Conningham Road incident on Friday night

I received two reports from readers who witnessed what sounded like a fairly horrible incident on Conningham Rd at around 1am on Saturday morning. Details seemed to be police and ambulance in attendance complete with shrieking woman apparently claiming that someone had died.

I did try contacting the local police press person who in fairness to them have been excellent over the course of the terrible events of recent weeks but it seems they are on holiday and nobody else can help! So in usual fashion if you do know anything keep your fellow Bushers informed via the comments section.

2200 UPDATE - I've just had a report given by a commenter below confirmed by the Safer Neighbourhood Team that three people were charged in West London Magistrates Court today with an attempted kidnapping and GBH. A van was apparently used in an attempted kidnapping which resulted in the crashing of the vehicle and the men being arrested. Despite the cries of the female in the road nobody did in fact die - which is the good news of an otherwise very disturbing incident indeed. More to follow as it comes in.


  1. I called the police yesterday after a hit and run incident on my road - 999 - and got a recorded message saying "All officers are busy. Please replace your handset". Unbelievable. What kind of rubbish police "service" is this?

  2. Seen this yet?

  3. After the court case of the above incident, the victims family are no different from the perpetrators as they attacked the families of the 3 men charged. This happened at the magistrate court even though justice was done. This was caught on cctv but nothing has been done by the police. The victim is a gang member who's fellow gang members attended the court hearing to revenge their grievance even though the victim has been discharged from hospital. What makes them any different.