Monday, 23 May 2011

Anti crime police stall outside Shepherd's Bush Central Line

The Shepherd's Bush Safer Neighbourhood Team will be outside the central line tube between the hours of 10am and 4pm every day betweeen today and thursday inclusive, offering personal attack alarms, handbag security chains, an opportunity to speak with local SNT officers and also officers from the British Transport Police giving safe travel advice. 

Get yerself down there, pick up some of the useful stuff, but also do just say hello to the people who keep our streets as safe as they can.


  1. What about people who work outside Shepherd's Bush in normal business hours? Are we not entitled to speak to these teams and learn more about safety? Why can't they be available for the tax payers who work?

  2. fair point - they'll read that comment and no doubt think about it. In the meantime I have some plans to use this blog as a means of improving communications generally between residents and the police so look out for that during the summer.

    But yes, you'd have to be leaving the office at 5 to make it in time!