Monday, 2 May 2011

10,436 people looking at 17,266 things: thank-you

A slower month than March which had about 2,000 more people but that is likely to be because a couple of stories last month attracted people from across the UK. (And beyond - I even have a reader in Mongolia according to my stats package!)

But this number comes overwhelmingly from London which is about as specific as Google Analytics gets so I'm happy with that. But I am, as ever, most indebted to those of you who send the stories in. Without you there really wouldn't be a great deal on this site at all - which would probably go down quite well with the local vested interests!

So thanks for reading - and for contributing - and as ever if you have any stories use


  1. You provide a valuable public (and very local) service which I appreciate (even if I don't always agree - but I almost always do ;-) ) Keep up the good work!

  2. best blog for news in shepherds bush. great work!