Wednesday, 25 May 2011

QPR: Officially priced out

Neil Warnock meets Shepherds Bush Blog
QPR have announced that we will have to pay 40% more in ticket prices now that the club is in the Premiership. 

In other words, those of us who have scrimped the money together for games in the last few years, supporting the team while the owners repeatedly slapped us in the face with quotes like the one from Flavio Briatore who said that those who only "pay twenty pounds" have “no right to raise questions”, not to mention installing managers like “Mad Dog” Magilton who went around head-butting the players, are now in many cases priced out. 

I honestly can’t see myself attending a single match with the cheapest ticket now costing £47 a pop. And I very much doubt I’m the only one. 

But the owners don’t really want people like me anymore, so I doubt they’ll lose much sleep over that. 

Good luck to Neil anyway, when he spoke to me last week he was full of determination. I’ll be supporting from outside the ground now, and hopefully reporting on the increase in community work the club will be contributing to with their windfall from entry into the top flight.

I just hope for the sake of the wealthier bottoms that will now grace the seats instead of the average Busher, that they do something about the internal d├ęcor. Corrugated iron just won’t do, for the higher class of football fan, dahlings.


  1. Welcome to the Premiership. Loyal fans can do one now.

  2. Blackpool kept their ticket prices ridiculously low when they went up. There is no need for the price hike at all.

    This blog post is fairly scathing to be honest... Chris has been such an outspoken supporter of the club through this blog and less than a week (?) after his post about meeting Neil he's come out with this - it can only be an echoed thought of most of the fans.