Thursday, 5 May 2011

7/7 on my mind

I remember the sound of the bomb on July 7th 2005 coming down the tunnel. And I've never forgotten it despite not knowing what it was at the time. I soon did. And weeks later of course Shepherd's Bush itself was attacked and showed in an instant how good people who've never met each other can be.

The 7th July inquiry reports on friday this week and we've been seeing lots about it. Even more of course about 9/11 with the death of Osama bin Laden which as we now know was a precursor to bombs in London, Madrid and elsewhere in the years to come, not to mention the countless dead of Iraq and Afghanistan. 

I run most days in Hyde Park now it's summer and it takes me past the 7/7 monument. And to be perfectly frank this whole swirl of publicity, along with pictures of people pumping fists and celebrating just leaves me flat. I suspect I might not be the only one. 

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