Sunday, 15 May 2011

Blogspot is crap

Just a short apology to those of you who have been trying either to comment or find posts that have mysteriously disappeared. Blogger, the Google company that run this software, has had what looks like complete meltdown in the last few days - they keep sending tweets which sound like Stalin's press releases about miraculously high numbers of tractors being produced saying that everything will soon be hunky dory but it's been going on for the last few days ... bear with me


  1. An awful lot of posts disappeared. Is there any chance of getting them back?

  2. Only one post has disappeared but I think if you mean comments Blogspot say they will all be returned ... eventually!

  3. Sorry, I did indeed mean comments. In particular, those on the Lakeside Road post.

  4. Hi Chris, You'd right it is crap. Wordpress is a lot better and more reliable. I live in W12 and a reader of the blog. I work in the web industry too, so happy to give you a few pointers if you need them (that's not a plug for services btw!).


    gregor at