Thursday, 26 May 2011

QPR: Bhatia resigns, Warnock on brink

Was one of Warnock's last interviews with the Shepherd's Bush Blog?
Amit Bhatia is gone and Warnock may follow after 48 hours of rapidly churning turmoil at the club that has seen a boardroom battle for power and influence swing decisively in favour of Adolf Hitler fan Bernie Ecclestone and strange guy Flavio Briatore and away from 30% shareholders, Mr Bhatia and Mittal.

Ecclestone and Briatore seemed to lose all interest in the club after their actions threatened to drive us towards relegation last season with a string of bad apppointments to the managers role, and interference even after each hapless skipper was installed. Then came Neil Warnock and a season which has seen the Rs dominate the league from start to finish.

Amit Bhatia has been the quiet man of the boardroom but I can tell you, having been told by a source with an absolutely impeccable qualification to know, that he has been the rock on which Warnock's success has been founded. The implications of his resignation are very clear indeed, Neil Warnock is now on the brink of following him out of the door. If he goes, he'll leave with his dignity intact.

Mr Bhatia released a statement today making clear that he implacably opposed the 40% hike in ticket increases that as I said yesterday have effectively locked the average fan like me out of the club for the next season. So now we know who to thank for that - yes it's Bernie Ecclestone again - a man who knows nothing about football and even less about leadership - he is after all on record as saying he "admired" Adolf Hitler because he "was a man who got things done". Yes Mr Ecclestone, like the Holocaust.

So now we have a club, which resembles a horror movie. The type when in the main plot the good guy almost saves the day but in the sub plot, lurking in the background, there is the dark sinister character just waiting to burst back onto the scene to send everyone back to hell again. Step forward Mr Bernard Ecclestone with supporting act Monsignor Flaviotore Briatore.

Good grief.

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