Sunday, 9 October 2011

Next Saturday: Meet your fellow Bushers!

Next Saturday night you have an opportunity to meet your fellow Bushers at a music event some of them are staging at the Raving Buddha bar. Now, first things first - it's free. And if that doesn't do it for you, then have a read of what one of the chief organisers, Chris Petzny, has drafted below.

I first met Chris and the other people involved in this on one of the monthly "tweet ups" (or social evenings organised via Twitter, for those of you that haven't had your language infected by social media yet) and I can vouch for the fact that they are a top class bunch of people.

Which, I have to say, was a worry for me before I went along to our first get together all that time ago last December. With doubts soon dispelled by the fact that all of them were a) normal and b) quite good fun, I've been to several more since. And so should you. Starting with next saturday - now read on:

Return of the Urban Jungle

This coming Saturday, the 15th of October sees the Raving Buddha on Goldhawk Road host the return of Urban Jungle. For one night only we are reuniting some of the best DJs for a free journey through the land of 90s drum & bass.

But this is no ordinary journey. It all started thanks to Twitter, a noisy neighbour and the local W12 community...

Not so long ago one of the Shepherd's Bush twitterati @NelsMels, had to contend with a neighbour repeatedly and loudly playing 'No Woman No Cry' late at night. @NelsMels suggested on Twitter that some old skool drum & bass might work as revenge a means of drowning out the offending tune. I added a few bass laden suggestions of my own, as did @chrishampson and before we knew it we were reminiscing about some of our favourite 90s drum & bass tunes. 

Then we thought we should get together somewhere, bring our favourite tunes and have an evening of drinks and drum & bass. As we discussed this idea, more and more W12 tweeters wanted to join in and since none of our homes are exactly palatial, the idea of hiring a venue was born. @NelsMels used to DJ and even owned a couple of drum & bass labels, so she got on the case and before we knew it, the Raving Buddha was chosen and booked. 

So in the best 90s drum & bass tradition, we moved from front room to dancehall and we have the following DJs lined up and we may even have a few surprise special guests:
  • XO (Last.Fm, Bassdrive, Dogs On Acid)
  • Tendai (Swerve, Groove Connection)
  • Nexxi (G2 & Gain Recordings)
  • Zinga
  • Immortalmindz
  • Plastic
  • Ben Kei
  • J-Potz
  • DJ Lync
We are unbelievably excited, come and join us, it's free!! Look for #bushw12 #dnbnight on Twitter or follow @cpetzny and @NelsMels OR 'like' our Facebook page here: Sadly @chrishampson has a work commitment in sunny Hollywood, so won't be able to join us. We'll miss him…

Big thanks to everyone who has so far helped and encouraged our behaviour.

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