Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Hit & run on Uxbridge Road?

courtesy of @BryanPlumb
Several of you have reported seeing a heavy police presence on Uxbridge Road last night with one reader opening his door to be confronted with blue tape (see pic). Unconfirmed reports are that a car hit a pedestrian and then drove off, leaving the victim injured but alive.

I have been in touch with the police and will report back when I have further info but in the meantime feel free to share anything with your fellow Bushers using the comments section.

WEDNESDAY UPDATE - Better late than never, I've had this update from the local Safer Neighbourhood Team, effectively confirming what several of you had thought, here's what I have been told:

"The accident on Uxbridge Road which occurred on Monday evening was a male that was hit by vehicle. He was aged 40 Years of age and suffered head injuries. He is in a stable condition."

FRIDAY UPDATE - An arrest has now been made of the suspected driver

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  1. Yep it happened just after 9pm - was driving home from footy. Roads cleared at around 11.15pm. Didn't see any aftermath, just police taping off the Green by the pedestrian crossing near Central line.