Friday, 28 October 2011

West London Free School "isolates" pupil for haircut

Free-Schooler Toby Young has revealed just how seriously he takes his new vision of tip-top pupils in our borough by condoning their 'isolation' of an 11 year old boy for having a haircut that was "3mm too short". The Standard reports that Kai Frizzle was told that his "Barack Obama" style cut, which is a 1.5 grade round the sides and 2 grade on top, was just short of their definition of what was acceptable.

What followed was his "segregation" from other pupils in an experience that left his mother thinking about taking him out of the school altogether.

Looking at the photo you've got to wonder what the problem is, here. The lad is apparently vice president of the school council and a regular in the rugby team, and happens to have the same sort of haircut as many of his peers. And what is this "isolation" stuff about, anyway?!


  1. One rule for Toby Young's gleaming bonce and another for the hoi-polloi?

    'hoi polloi'? Tobes loves Latin..that's 'The Great Unwashed/non-well-appointed-Acton Townhouse-dwelling Friend Of Dave's' to those who haven't been to Oxford.

  2. Hoi Polloi is actually Classical Greek, not Latin.

  3. Isn't the west London 'free' school also "officially outside the bush"?

  4. I don't get the big deal about this, if you want to attend the school, you abide by the rules.
    Or is good behaviour not a desirable attribute any more?