Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Residents revolt! Boris ambushed at Place West London conference

Boris Johnson was ambushed by West Kensington residents, furious at the prospect of being evicted from their homes in order that property developers can move in as part of our Council's plans to redevelop Earl's Court.

The conference, which is supported by H&F Council and the Fulham Chronicle, had clearly not banked on people power as the Mayor of London was unceremoniously handed a leaflet by West Ken & Gibbs Green resident Rita Vlahopoulou, who asked Boris Johnson for the right to vote on the demolition proposals.

Not quite the PR either our Council or the Chronicle were looking for.


  1. Boris studiously avoiding eye contact!

  2. Good on you Ms Vlahopoulou, for having the guts to stand up for your right to vote on the demolition proposals. Shame on the council and chronicle, they are surely not thinking of the residents of West Kensington. Boris does not look happy at all. Yes, Power to the People!

  3. And was anything interesting said at this conference on West London , "a forum for discussion and debate about the issues central to maintaining West London as a successful place."? Who get to define 'successful place'?

  4. The Fulham Chronicle and H&F Council, it seems!

    Glad people power intervened

  5. Way to go auntie Rita! Stick it to the gitt!

  6. Boris Johnson is up for re-election and so he is vulnerable as follows.
    Please go to his campaign website, to the "survey" page. It is Backboris2012.com/survey

    Question 1 asks about "local issues": "What is the most important issue
    you would like addressed in your local area?" and you can tick the box
    "Protecting green spaces". It continues "If there was one thing you
    could change in your local area, what would that be?" and you can write
    in: "Stop the over-development of Hammersmith & Fulham in general, and
    protect the "green spaces" of West Kensington and Gibbs Green estates from redevelopment as part of the Earls Court scheme.

    The last question asks whether you would "definitely" or "probably" vote
    for Boris or "definitely, probably" for Ken. You obviously choose
    "probably Ken" and give him a fright.... Please don't fill in any other
    questions, as it detracts from your message.