Monday, 17 October 2011

Bush Theatre's opening night

The Bush went for broke for its relaunch opening night - nothing less than a 24-hour theatrical binge, starting at 7pm on Friday night and going through non-stop till Saturday evening at 7pm with 66 new plays "responding" to all 66 books of the King James Bible. Sixty-six writers, 23 directors and 130 actors are the awesome statistics.

So says Carole Woddis on the luvvies favourite The Arts Desk about Bush Theatre's 66 Books production, the first to open their new building after what seems like a marathon journey since I reported their move here last November.
"Sometimes theatre people do mad things. Like stay up all night and the following day to “celebrate” the King James Bible and a theatre’s house-move to new premises. Its 400th year has been a good year for that collection of stories currently being advertised elsewhere as “the book that changed the world”. And for the Bush Theatre's outgoing artistic director Josie Rourke, having moved into John Passmore Edwards’ elegant Victorian Library round the corner from its old Shepherd’s Bush Green stamping ground this weekend, “there’s no finer act than to open a new theatre - it’s the single most beautiful thing I’ve done in my life.”
Oh, Dahlings, mwah mwah! Now read on.

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