Monday, 10 October 2011

Charing Cross Hospital - closure on, egg on face for some

Remember this story I wrote following the Independent's report on the closure of Charing Cross Hospital?

At the time it was pooh-poohed by the local media who accepted the vague assurances from Imperial Healthcare Trust, prompting some scornful tweets.

Now it seems those assurances have fallen to sand and the closure plans are very much on, prompting a rearguard action from Council Leader Stephen Greenhalgh, who has said:

“The Trust has a massive £50 million budget deficit and is conducting a major review of where hospital services will be located in the future. It is clear that the 24/7 A&E at Charing Cross is under threat of closure and Imperial cannot be surprised at the growing public concern about their plans.”
I hope all politicians from across the board fight this decision, but in the meantime it might pay to ask a few more questions when you get vague assurances on things.



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