Tuesday, 18 October 2011

H&F Councillor uses C word in public

I like Greg Smith. There, I've said it - he's a hard right-ish sort of politician with very strong views, but equally quite a strong track record of supporting the local police where he can, although much of that took place before the budget cuts started to be felt.

He's also an earthy sort of guy who swears a lot - and as I said when I pulled him up here for swearing a lot in public (following, I might add, conversations with some of his exasperated colleagues who wished he'd tone it down a bit) I don't think anyone who knows me could resist shouting "hypocrite" if I was to go on about swearing too much. I quite like it when politicians don't confirm to boring stereotypes!

But here he is, predictably, being pilloried again by Labour attack blog H&FConWatch for loosing off another foul mouthed tirade, albeit one from late August, about his favourite sport Formula One. Personally I think the prospect of watching 50 toy cars drive round in a circle lots of times is only slightly worse than chewing off my own tongue so I've no idea what he was talking about when he called someone called Kobayashi an "arsehole" and a "c*nt" - but you have to ask yourself what would happen if he used that kind of language publicly in front of one of the police officers he can rightly say he's supported - "would you mind stepping this way with me, please, Sir"!

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