Wednesday, 5 October 2011

"Meet your neighbours" Police ad campaign launched

‘Meet your neighbours’ is the strap line of the Metropolitan Police Service’s (MPS) new advertising campaign highlighting the excellent work of the Safer Neighbourhoods (SN) teams serving Londoners. You can read about my saturday night with our own Safer Neighbourhood team here to get an idea of the work they do on our streets.

Safer Neighbourhood officers in Hammersmith & Fulham borough continue to provide an engaging, visible and accessible service in the capital, working to increase confidence in the local communities, reassure the public and reduce crime.

The latest campaign - which includes posters on the underground and bus stops as well as a short radio advertisement - aims to encourage the public to find out more about their dedicated local Safer Neighbourhoods team.

To find out about your local team you can visit the MPS website, approach a SN officer in the street, or even join a neighbourhood ward panel to oversee and influence local policing in your area.

The ad campaign is also reminding Londoners to make full use of the MPS’ new contact number, 101, which was launched on 11 July.

The number was introduced to improve access to the police, ease pressure on 999 and to help tackle crime and disorder. The public should call 101 to report a crime that has already happened, seek crime prevention advice or make us aware of local policing issues.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe said:
“We are committed to serving London’s communities through our Safer Neighbourhoods policing programme.

“My vision of total policing begins in the neighbourhoods. We need dedicated teams of officers in every ward in London. We can only succeed if we work with and for local people to tackle the crimes that matter to them most.

“These officers who walk the beat and meet the public are part of local communities. As with any good neighbours they are the sort of people you want in your area. I'm encouraging my officers to talk to the public. My message to Londoners is to do the same.”
Chief Inspector Nigel Crane from Safer Neighbourhoods and Partnership at Hammersmith & Fulham said: 
"Your Safer Neighbourhoods Teams remain the vital component in Police and Community relations. Despite the changes to the supervision ratio, the team numbers remain the same per ward and they will continue to impact on improving quality of life issues for the residents, businesses and visitors to Hammersmith & Fulham by reducing crime and effectively tackling Anti-Social Behaviour."
Safer Neighbourhood teams are just one of the many ways the public can make contact with the police. The public can use our online services to get information or report crime; visit a police station or front counter 24/7; or approach an officer in the street.

For more information on your Safer Neighbourhood team, go to website

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