Friday, 17 December 2010

Bush tweet-up: report

The Goldhawk Pub witnessed a momentus occasion last night as the hard core of Shepherd’s Bush social media types met up for the first time. What several of us were honest enough to own up to having feared might be a nerd fest turned into actually what was a fantastic evening with decent and interesting people.

Twitterman @stewbirch, who got the ball rolling and led to the evening actually happening, was at the bar when I arrived and thankfully our two people grew to double figures before too long. Contrary to the doom mongers, who warned darkly of thumping music and standing-room-only when I presumptuously decided on a venue and date in a dictatorial sort of way, we had the run of comfy sofas and no queues at the bar.

In fact there are clearly some people in our midst who would do well as stand up comedians if they took the plunge because I found myself laughing most of the time as we regaled the ridiculous and often bizarre aspects of everyday life in the Bush. Special rage was reserved for the numptys who run Morrisons in the W12 Centre while the perils of dodging the special people who stop passers by at random with a variety of requests when you’re trying to get to work in the morning also featured large.

In fact Bushers it was so good we’re going to do it again – I know many of you couldn’t make it and wanted to know if there was going to be another one and on the strength of last night it was a no-brainer – so put Thursday the 27th January 8pm in your diary – same venue.

I leave you with pics of two things that for me summed up both the night and the quirks of life in Shepherd’s Bush that brought us together for the evening. Generous @stewbirch provided a couple of platters for the evening – they were huge, as the image above proves. Generous people at the Goldhawk it seems.

And then, on my way home jogging through the frozen streets to keep warm, what do you think I come across? Well obviously a cooker on the pavement of course, complete with a paper note informing passers-by about its condition.

Just another night in W12.

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