Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Victoria Line suspension: RMT 1 Londoners 1

victoria-lineVictoria Line is now completely suspended and will almost certainly remain so until tomorrow. So Communist Bob has scored one back against Londoners after the abject failure of his first attempt this year. Expect him to be emboldened by this one and for the next attempt to mysteriously coincide with a public holiday or major sporting event, as is his usual tactic.

Bush residents or those who travel through W12 should think about making use of the Overground or the central line, although the latter is bound to be packed out.

Good luck getting home tonight!


  1. [...] his Union to break the law in the way it ran a recent ballot for strike action. Following the success of his shut down of the Victoria Line it was only ever a matter of time before he had another go. [...]

  2. [...] down the Victoria Line today there was an annoucement at nearly every station that there will be another strike this thursday, which judging by last time will close the entire line. [...]

  3. [...] 28, 2009 by W12 Our old friend Communist Bob has confirmed my predictions almost exactly. The RMT have just announced that, surprise surprise, they will call a 48 hour [...]