Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Trees in peril?

choptreeA reader writes:

"Are you happy that many mature trees on the Green will be literally axed in the so called refeneration of the green? Paid for by Westfield money!

They have already taken down at least three mature plane trees on Wood Lane and three nest to the central line station that they deemed temporary!. How can you term a tree temporary?"

A very good question - surely what makes the Green so great are the trees. I usually see the Green on weekdays just as the sun is coming up and it just wouldnt be  the same without them, its not as if its a crowded forest for goodness sake. If the Westfield money was used for clearing the rat population which is in evidence every time I walk across it instead of chopping down perfectly healthy trees surely this would be a better use of resources.

Would the Council care to respond?

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