Saturday, 18 April 2009

Shepherd's Bush Green Fair returns

fair2Walking across the Green this morning I was stunned to see the return of the fair ground that we last saw churning up the grass and feeding the local rats with boxes of half eaten fried chicken and chips. I assume they arrived overnight or late yesterday, they are setting up as I write.

As I said last time I have nothing against the use of the Green for things like this but those of us who walk across that space every day noticed an explosion in the number of rats we see, and of course the litter they feed on. That's quite apart from the state of the grass afterwards, about which the Council did precisely nothing.

Have they learned their lesson and will they be spending what I assume are the handsome profits they'll be making from this fair on cleaning up afterwards?


  1. It also cuts off the bike lane so that bicycles and pedestrians have to share the remaining walkways. Pretty hazardous. The fair does nothing to add to the Green apart from wreck the grass and ground and make it an unusable bog afterwards for a period. This Green is an important open space, and many use it for leisure, even if it is a glorified roundabout. I hope that we do not have any tragic accidents at the fair which was why the fairs ceased to visit for a long while some years ago.

  2. Blimey. I remember hearing about that accident when I lived in North London, I didnt realise it was in S Bush.

    I also seem to get shouted at by more drunks first thing in the morning when its there, I presume they just hang around till it shuts and just carry on drinking!

  3. [...] following the Council’s favourite fair being here just months after it last churned up the Green I an other readers warned of the impact [...]