Friday, 24 April 2009

Furnivall Gardens: Have your say

The view from Furnival GardensWe have been in touch with the councillor responsible for leading Hammermsith & Fulham's fight against the super sewer plan, which as previously reported, threatens one of our favourite parks.

Councillor Paul Bristow's update is that Thames Water have now retracted their letter where they made a direct references to Furnivall Gardens as a site for a very large access shaft (2/3 football pitches) - they were not expected the opposition they encountered!  However, Furnivall Gardens will be the site for a more modest shaft (half a football pitch) if the Thames Tunnel is built, as one of the sewage overflows is directly below the park.
They will also need an access tunnel close to Frank Banfield Park.
Thames Water will also need a very large (2/3 football pitches) access shaft elsewhere locally but no site has been identified.  H&F Council have put down a marker to Thames Water by refusing permission to drill bore holes in both parks and made clear their opposition to the whole scheme.  A public meeting was held on this at the end of last year.
H&F are now working with the GLA and other councils to step up opposition and will let people know how they can support the campaign here and through other local media.
In the meantime, residents can contact Thames Water letting with their comments - or
London Tideway Tunnels
Thames Water
PO BOX 286
SN38 2RA

Updates as they ome in - but in the meantime do get on to Thames Water and let me know their response so we can share that too!

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