Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Tube Strike on Jubilee Line

bob-crowThanks to the fantastic Underground blog we have a heads up for you on this unofficial walk out at several Jubilee line stations starting this evening and lasting throughout thursday.

This summer's inevitable wave of strikes courtesy of the RMT would, it appear, be starting this evening for those unfortunate enough to have to use the Jubilee.

For those of you who need to either get to or from Shepherd's Bush don't forget you can now use the Overground station at Shepherd's Bush which connects with Clapham junction in the south and Willesden Junction in the North, then on to Stratford via north London.

I hope this helps, if only to give you warning. Good luck people!

Further information here and if you want to read the RMT's side of things go here

2230 Weds UPDATE: This strike seems to be having zero effect, at least this evening. A friend of mine just passed through Willesden Green on the jubilee line, all running well. Looks like the RMT brigade have failed to ruin everyone's Easter weekend. Yes, the timing was no accident. Look out for another one next time there is a big event or a bank holiday. Good luck on thursday!

1032 Thurs UPDATE: I didn't see any problems rported this morning and the Tube website is reporting no problems. Londoners 1 RMT 0. Have a good week-end!


  1. Thanks for that lovely picture. Too early to say the strike is having 'zero effect' as anyone already 'booked on' for work at the start of the strike will stay at work. Will only know tomorrow.

  2. Fair enough, didn't think of that. As soon as we get anything tomorrow I'll post it up.

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