Friday, 10 April 2009

Fire in Hammersmith

A fire broke out yesterday on the top of the Coca Cola building in Hammersmith closing both the tube and bus stations in and out of Hammersmith. This affected the Picadilly and District Lines, not the Hammersmith and City. Buses entering or leaving Hammersmith were re-routed.

Nobody is reported as injured and initial rumours in the area was that it was an electrical fire which the London Fire Brigade has contained. The LFB appear to support this view.

From a personal perspective we heard sirens from police and fire vehicles from here in the Bush, presumably as they travelled to Hammersmith, for at least a couple of hours from around 5pm!

Although it looked really bad its nowhere near on a par with this little episode which really shut the whole place down, so we can all relax!

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