Sunday, 13 November 2011

Remembrance in the Bush

30 Police Cadets and 26 Special Constables as well as many regular officers were on hand to make the Shepherds Bush remembrance parade pass smoothly. The annual Ceremony on Shepherds Bush Green was well attended and the officers and Cadets ensured that all who wished to were able to pay their respects. This included stopping the traffic around the green for the Minutes silence.

Police Cadets and MSC officers give up their spare time to work in their communities on various projects. So far this year alone Police Cadets and Staff have volunteered well over 5000 hours in support of local initiatives to reduce crime and the fear of crime in the local area. 

PS Ross Martyn who coordinates the Police Cadets on the Borough said 
“It was fantastic to see so many of our Cadets give up their time to show their respect to those who fought and died to give us many of the freedoms we now enjoy. We currently have vacancies at both our Shepherds Bush and Fulham units and would welcome applicants.”
I've now spent two patrols with the Shepherd's Bush police, one Saturday night in June and recently on a drugs raid which closed down a W12 crystal meth factory - these are people who willingly confront danger on our behalf despite bearing the brunt of cuts from politicians who are nowhere near as brave. That there are young people who also want to carry on that tradition of making our community safe, and are willing to haul themselves out of bed on a Sunday to pay their respects to people who have sacrificed everything for us, is a very different image of young people than we were presented by the local press during Augusts riots. Full marks to them.

Anyone interested in the Police Cadets should call PS Ross Martyn on 0208 246 2522 to register their interest.

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  1. I saw that H&F's finest got their own tv show on mighty 'PickTV' the other night - a no doubt low budget programme on cops in action. Watchable enought for locals.