Thursday, 3 November 2011

Drugs raid on Shepherd's Bush Market - 7 arrests

Hammersmith & Fulham Police have carried out a significant raid in Shepherds Bush Market.

On Wednesday 2nd November the intelligence led joint operation saw officers from Hammersmith & Fulham's Drugs Squad, Shepherds Bush Safer Neighbourhoods Team and Territorial Support Group execute a search warrant at Shepherds Bush Market, Shepherds Bush to disrupt drug dealing in the market. The officers descended upon various locations within the market where drugs were being stored and openly supplied.

During the search of the market stalls police recovered a kilo of herbal cannabis and £2,000 in cash. Drugs paraphernalia in the form of digital scales, bags and other packaging were also seized.

Seven males were arrested:
  • [A] 45 yr old man from Shepherds Bush 
  • [B] 50 yr old man from Hammersmith 
  • [c] 35 yr old man from Shepherds Bush 
  • [d] 40 yr old man from Hammersmith 
  • [e] 50 yr old man from Shepherds Bush 
  • [f] 45 yr old man from Shepherds Bush 
  • [g] 52 yr old man from Shepherds Bush
Detective Sergeant Simon Rogers from Hammersmith & Fulham's Drugs Squad said:
“This operation highlights the Drug Squads commitment to removing drug dealers from the streets of Hammersmith & Fulham.

Shepherds Bush Market is a breeding ground for Drug Dealing with storage units, market stalls, containers, cafes and restaurants all hidden in dark alleyways and narrow corridors with inadequate CCTV.

The dealers ‘ply their trade’ from business premises which are often a front for their criminal activities. They are organized, they employ spotters 24/7 and have strategic stash locations within the market which makes policing very difficult.

Yesterday’s operation was well planned and executed, and the results speak for themselves.

We will continue to work with local SNT’S and Partner Agencies in a bid to remove the dealers from the streets of Shepherds Bush".
Anyone who may have information relating to drugs should call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


  1. "Shepherds Bush Market is a breeding ground for Drug Dealing" ....

    Is it? Having lived in the area for 10 years, I'd always thought it was a place for locals to buy cheap cookware and vegetables. Its rebranding as a drugs hub surely has nothing to do with the developer looking to turn it into housing, does it?


  2. More good work from H&F Police, really good to hear about effective raids like this occurring!

    To the Anonymous poster, I don't think drug dealers pick locations based on future prospective housing developments. Why not instead show some gratitude of our police acting to remove drug culture from our neighbourhood?

  3. @Sourav: "Shepherds Bush Market is a breeding ground for drug dealing," says Detective Sergeant Simon Rogers. "The dealers ‘ply their trade’ from business premises which are often a front for their criminal activities."

    I'm questioning whether that's true. It's not my experience of the market, which seemed just as busy as ever on Saturday, with just as many businesses open. I don't argue that seven people were arrested. I'm just not sure what the police gains from calling the market a "breeding ground" for criminals who "often" operate out of apparently legitimate businesses.

  4. @Anonymous. Are you seriously suggesting that the police are in cahoots with property developers who want to regenerate the Market??

    If the police say that it's a breeding ground for for drug dealing then they I would say they know more about it than you do. Breeding ground means that it's beginning to happen.

  5. and by the way the cookware isnt that cheap.

  6. Not all of the stalls in the market are used to deal drugs,only some.
    I think the police are right in what they are saying to a certain extent,however there are alot of stall holders that are going out every morning to earn an honest days pay.They shouldn't tar them all with the one brush.