Tuesday, 15 November 2011

49 Bus hits baby in push chair

A number of you have been in touch with me this morning to report what was a nasty incident this morning on the Goldhawk Road. I have just received this statement from the Police which I think it's fair to say is one of every parents worst nightmares.
"Officers were called at 08:18hrs by the London Ambulance Service today, Tuesday 15 November to reports of a road traffic collision along Goldhawk Road j/w Wells Road, W12".

"A route 49 bus was collision with a push chair".

"The baby was taken to a West London Hospital with non life threatening or changing injurie"s.

"Enquiries are underway to establish the circumstances of the collision".
Perhaps if the police care to talk to people who see how the 49 bus is driven on many occasions, not to mention the 266, they may get a clearer idea.


  1. Well, I wouldn't want to hazard any guesses as to the cause of this particular accident, but I would just say: to be fair, I have also seen quite a few mums and dads shoving pushchairs out into the road before the traffic is completely clear...

  2. Sounds like it was turning out of the garage - and people aren't very careful crossing there so I wouldn't rush to blame the driver.

  3. What is a baby/pushchair doing in the middle of the road?! Bring back British Pathe to Re-Educate the ignorant British Public.

  4. Yeah let's not rush to any hasty conclusions... It couldn't possibly be the driver's fault could it? How dare someone push their child around a large city without expecting to be run over... What fools. Have you been on a bus in the last 15 years? A lot of bus drivers are no better than boy racers. It really does seem a shame, when we don't have all the facts, to be so unsympathetic about a young child's wellbeing.

  5. @chef lennie As you point out ( as did I in my original post) we don't have all the facts. As such, I merely wished to point out that it seemed a little odd the blogger was so quick to blame the driver for this. I've seen parents shove pushchairs out in front of them on a busy A 40 crossing many times so sorry, it does happen. And yes, I use the bus most days. Encountered my fair share of foolish bus drivers. Also, plenty of other idiot roadusers who cause decent bus drivers to brake suddenly. Just because a bus is big, doesn't mean it's slow - as you yourself seem keen to point out.