Thursday, 17 November 2011

H&F Borough Commander describes "pride" at awards

Lucy D'Orsi
Hammersmith & Fulham police officers, police staff and members of the public were honoured for their acts of professionalism, teamwork, bravery, courage and dedication to duty at a commendation ceremony this afternoon. For a snapshot of their work click here for an account of one Saturday night in Shepherd's Bush, and one day raiding a Crystal Meth W12 drugs laboratory. Scary stuff.

The ceremony was hosted by the Borough Commander for Hammersmith & Fulham, Chief Superintendent Lucy D'Orsi, and Councillor Frances Stainton, Mayor of Hammersmith & Fulham at Pillar Hall, Olympia.

The Commendations were as follows:

For professionalism and tenacity in complex investigation into an organised criminal network:
DS Simon Rogers, DC Matt Deans, PC Paul Jackson, PC Laura Nye, PC Bob Dixon, DS Richard Gilbert, DC David Knowles, DC Angela Mills and Chris Flemyng.

For resilience and professionalism at the scene of a serious assault:
PC Attifa Pirmohamed and PC Jackie Anderson.

For tenacity, dedication and bravery shown during the initial response to an allegation of abduction:
Special Sergeant O’Mahoney and Special Constable Staines.

For bravery and tenacity shown during the arrest of a violent suspect armed with knives:
SC Dennis O’Mahoney.

For selfless and public spirited action leading to the arrest and conviction of a suspect for theft of cash:
Mr William Veazey.

For courage, determination and resilience at the seen of a violent confrontation leading to the arrest of three suspects for assaults on police:

PC Sean Tucker, PC Rebecca Guillebaud and PC Dai Rees.

For tenacity and commitment dealing with a mentally ill male:
PC Peter Hills.

Long Service Medal:
PC Paul Jackson.

For professionalism and courage at the scene of serious disorder at the TUC march:
PC Nick Jackson, PC Peter Hills, PC John Sheehan, PC Clive O’Rourke, PC Sean Tucker, PC Steven Spiteri, PC Claire Stevenson,
PC Kristen Cardwell, PC Christopher Fittall, PC Gavin Miller, PC Ryan Price,PC Stephen Gadd, PC Stuart McKee, PC David Denton.
PC Sean Murphy, PC James Franklin, PC Jonathan Lowe, PC Terry Mackin, PC Tom Stewart, PC Dan Riley, PC Mark Edwards.

For professionalism and courage at scene of  serious disorder at the student protest:
Insp Nick Milton, PC Paul Hammond, PC Nick Jackson, PC Gary Leaper, PC Stephen Gadd, PC Simon Pleavin, PC Lee Egan, PC Scott Johnson, PC Luke Veillet.

For involvement & commitment to the Borough:

For outstanding forensic investigation:

Lorna Reeves.

For resilience and determination displayed in the arrest of a suspect:

PCSO Sean David.

Speaking at the ceremony H&F's Borough Commander, Chief Superintendent Lucy D'Orsi, said:
"Today is a day for us all to be very proud. The awards tell us a different story. We have heard about the peresonal bravery, dedication, commitment and selflessness often under very difficult and dangerous circumstances. I always feel tremendously humbled when I hear these stories. Today has not just been about the work of our policing teams here but it is also an opportunity for me to say thank-you to the families, friends and partners of those being commended. There is no doubt that without your forbearance, understanding and support my officers and staff would not be able to deliver the service they do to local and London wide communities."
Unsung heroes indeed.

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