Monday, 28 November 2011

H&F moves forces families to front of housing queue

Our Council wants to be the first in the UK to move the families of Territorial Army, as well as regular forces, to the front of local authority housing lists. In a move that few can criticise, even in this very politicised borough, the Council wants to enact this move as part of its revamp of how it prioritises families waiting to be housed.

Alongside the families of forces will be those who work and others who carry out voluntary sector duties in and around the borough. Councillor Andrew Johnson, Cabinet Member for Housing, has this to say on the Conservative Party's blog:
“We are eternally grateful for the courage and bravery of our armed forces serving in dangerous places across the world. However, all too often, when they return home from duty they struggle to find appropriate housing. We do not believe that years of loyal service to this country should become an obstacle to finding a home. There can be no people more deserving of a council house or access to home ownership that those who give voluntary service in the name of Queen and Country.”
It's difficult to disagree with any of this - and frankly surely a scandal that it hasn't been done before. Marine Sam Alexander, 28, was from Hammersmith and to many embodied the ethos of self-sacrifice that characterises the job that our forces carry out on our behalf. Having the confidence that their families are well-housed at home shouldn't really be too much to ask - and our Council deserve great credit for leading the way on this. 


  1. And are we assured that the Territorial Army Centre on South Africa Road is safe from the developers? It lies within the White City Opportunity Area, but presumably is Dept of Defence property?

  2. So, if H&F local authority are capable of making a decision not designed to stab the poor in the back and sell the borough off piece by piece to developers, why the Hell don't they do it more often?

  3. that's one way of looking at it but they should get credit when they do the right thing, and this surely is.

    No idea re TA Centre but it's a good question - would a Cllr like to comment pls?

  4. Correction - that should have said Ministry of Defence- oops!

  5. Well, Councillors' silence is deafening, and the MOD needs the cash!! Got to pay for them aircraft carriers!