Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Shepherd's Bush drinks - an open invite

You are cordially invited to drinks at the Duchess Pub, 8pm on December 1st. Yes, unlike our property speculator friends Helical Bar this really is an open invite to the latest in a series of "tweet-ups" that started almost a year ago to the day on a cold December night in the Bush.

That night those of us who write about, talk about and live about the Bush were all, if we're absolutely honest, a little bit trepidatious about meeting up - these were, after all, potentially strange people what go on the internet. But it turned out that actually we're all quite likeable and we've done it a few times since. Although not for a long while.

Full marks go this time to @ruthbrown for doing the honours and organising the event - hopefully it will be a fun evening and I look forward to seeing you there.


  1. Would that be the Duchess of Cambridge pub in Goldhawk Rd?

    Sorry, I'm not that knowledgeable about pubs but don't want to miss it.

  2. Yes thats right sorry have now added a link

  3. Will you be inviting the Fulham Chronicle?!

  4. why, it's for local people!

  5. Funny how you choose to drink in Stamford Brook and not Shepherd's Bush.

  6. 1)Plenty of great Bush pubs with their backs against the wall..why not throw them some business?
    2) You write a Shepherd's Bush blog and don't support your manor and yet have the gall to tell me to 'get a life'? Pogue mahone,Chris Underwood.
    Sincerely,Olly.(To be fair your blog is very good..just irked on this one point.)

  7. As Chris said, he didn't organise it. He was merely promoting it so people could go along and meet him. Unfortunately, given that there are so many idiots on the site he probably shouldn't be advertising his whereabouts!

    I believe that on the occasion(s) Chris has organised it the "tweet-up" was in the Bush. I suppose people just organise the tweet-up near where they live, when it's their turn to host it.

  8. You can't please some innit. That's socialists for you.

  9. Hi, to those of you that are complaining about the location - actually, pretty much all of the tweet-ups over the last year have been in 100% W12 establishments. We chose the Duchess for this Christmas one, because, simply, it's a new pub in a destination that has not historically done very well and we wanted to show some support for it. When it comes down to it, being a slightly different postcode does not make it not part of our local community.

    Hope as many of you as possible can come along and say hello. Look forward to meeting some new local residents in addition to the great bunch of people I've enoyed meeting over the last year.

    Merry Christmas all

  10. 'enjoyed' meeting. I hate typos!

    Oh and yes, the Duchess Pub, from 8pm onwards, we have the tables by the roaring open fire reserved.

    It's located here:

  11. They have a wicked beer selection, and even let you try before you buy your pint. Good choice I say. Helen