Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Shepherd's Bush Green in January facelift

The long awaited changes for the Green are finally on their way after a dispute between the Council and residents was settled by independent arbitration by the Planning Inspectorate. Longer term readers of this blog will know that the signs which first went up around the Green announcing the changes were there so long they eventually decayed and fell down, thus contributing to the problem the facelift was intended to tackle.

But having found a middle way between a Council that wanted to fell more trees and install a cafe, and residents who most certainly didn't want that fearing among other things a boost in our rampant local rat population, the works can now go ahead and the local Conservatives are rightly trumpeting what will surely be a radical improvement to a space which has long looked like nobody really gave a monkeys about it, frankly. 

Here's Greg Smith, Cabinet Member for Residents Services:
"It has been a long time coming but we are absolutely thrilled that work will finally start soon to improve this flagship open space. The scheme will undoubtedly benefit everyone who lives near, visits or works in and around Shepherds Bush, as well as rejuvenating a park that really needs a boost. There have been several years of frustration but I am sure that the improvements will be well worth waiting for.”
And, speaking to the local Tory blog, local resident John Ryan, of Tunis Road, has this to add:
"As a local resident living in Shepherds Bush for 22 years, I walk across Shepherds Bush Green on an almost daily basis. The Green has had it's fair share of problems over the years, including antisocial behaviour, street drinkers and irresponsible dog owners fouling the area. 
“There is finally hope on the horizon, as the council gears up to complete the work which we have been promised over the years. When this work, together with the other improvements being carried out in Shepherds Bush, is complete we shall have an area to be proud of, not an ‘end of the line’ image as was once put to me.
Not sure what 'end of the line' means but it's always been a shame that the Green has looked so drab - when it can be filled with some fantastic events for the community as we saw this summer during the Bush Festival.


  1. At last. I was giving up hope.

    It'll be hard work to keep out the regular riff-raff because where else are the chavs going to let their staffies poo & terrify folk?

    Chavs & their dogs have human rights too you know.

  2. Gosh! I think that "Chavs and the riff raff and their Staffie's poo" will still be allowed on to the Green. (Well maybe not the poo!) Really not sure what you are saying? But I'm sure it's against someone's yuman roits!

  3. Ah good, they'll be policing the green even more now. Arresting the drug dealers? no no, just pushing them into the residential areas.

  4. The local MP was complaining about gamblers & vagrants spoiling Shepherds Bush green. That was in the 19th century.

    So what I meant was, new landscaping is fabulous but it'll need committed supervision if the majority of the community, ie families & ordinary folk, can actually enjoy it in a civilised way. But that means keeping some people & their dogs away.

  5. To think that someone can put the words Shepherds Bush & flagship in one sentence. We must be going up in the world, no wonder that gym has gone platinum. So we'll be having Foxtons & Savills setting up shop soon.