Thursday, 24 November 2011

Bush Police in series of raids, Boris held back

White City Estate drugs raid
Police in Shepherd's Bush raided a number of suspected drug dealers houses today in Operation Hawk, in operations such as this one I witnessed on a W12 crystal meth factory here. Meanwhile Boris Johnson suffered a PR disaster as the first house he attended, this being a London-wide operation, turned out to have nothing in it while the second one had what the fair haired one called "a scantily clad woman" in it. Police Officers refused to allow Mr Johnson anywhere near her by all accounts. Very wise.

Officers in Hammersmith & Fulham are responding directly to community intelligence to target drug dealers, perpetrators of anti-social behaviour and other criminals who impact on communities.

Borough Commander Chief Superintendent Lucy D'Orsi said: 
“The communities in all wards across Hammersmith & Fulham are likely to see more operations of this kind from our Safer Neighbourhoods teams, who, through their ongoing engagement, will continue to address local crime and safety concerns to help make our local areas safer".
Chief Inspector Nigel Crane in charge of Safer Neighbourhoods and Partnership for Hammersmith & Fulham Police said: 
"Operation Hawk focuses on problem-solving activity and dealing effectively with Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) within the MPS, it forms another part of the Commissioner's Total Policing vision. I am proud to state that this approach of dealing with root-problems rather than treating just the symptoms is already an embedded "business as usual" approach by a highly motivated and innovative teams at Hammersmith & Fulham". 
"The liaison with the Local Authority Community Safety, Health & Youth Services ensures that this problem-solving is coordinated and tackled in partnership, we have recently co-located officers to work alongside council colleagues in ASB unit.The work of the licensing unit is seeing in-roads made on thefts linked to licensed premises and alcohol-related ASB in proximity to those venues, through proactive monitoring of their licensing conditions and test-purchase operations to ascertain whether under-age sales of alcohol are taking place". 
"We encourage people to drink sensibly and to know their limits. People under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs are more likely to be a victim of crime through their guard being down and their inhibitions lost. Dealing with Drugs and the blight they bring to neighbourhoods is a key focus area for the Safer Neighbourhood Teams. If people wish to peddle in the misery that drugs bring then they can expect a visit from the Metropolitan Police. We will seek to ensure that the quality of life is improved for our local communities through robust intervention where and when it is needed."

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  1. Positive stuff, good to know that the police are on the case!