Saturday, 27 November 2010

QPR v Cardiff a sell-out as day of destiny dawns

QPR face Cardiff this afternoon and at the end of it will either be a commanding 5 points ahead of their nearest challenger to the Championship crown, but also with possibly an even more important psychological advantage over their foes for the rest of the season - or they'll have been over taken and sit second one point behind a rejuvenated Welsh side. Or they could have a dull-as-ditchwater draw and no-one be any the wiser.

The stakes couldnt be higher at this stage of the season and the QPR website reports that today's game sold out long ago. Both sets of supporters know this could be a crucial moment and I thought as much weeks ago when I booked my ticket in the paddocks of South Africa Road.

I can't wait for this fixture to start and will post a report later today - but for now all Bushers should be crossing their fingers. Entrance to the premiership would change the Bush in more ways than one so this game actually has more ramifications than you might think.

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