Friday, 26 November 2010

101 uses for H&F News: competition

How do you use your H&F News? This clever resident uses it to patch up his ageing van, which judging by the stickers in the windscreen is owned by some of our ever present heavy drinking antipodean neighbours to take them from party to party.

But it prompted me, especially since it's friday, to throw down the gauntlet to you, fellow Bushers, to come up with some ingenious ways to use the last remaining copies of the propaganda paper our Council has been forced to give up by the Government as part of their clamp-down on what they call "Town Hall Pravdas".

I remember one commenter on the blog saying she used it to block draughts from coming under the front door, and I know I've used it in setting light to a bonfire before, but what about you? In these final days of Pravda, which we've all paid so much money to receive, surely we can help our Council's finest go out with a bang? Give me your ideas below and I'll relay the best ones before Christmas! Happy friday!!


  1. I used mine crumpled up inside newly washed trainers to keep their shape while drying on a few sheets; on the floor to catch the dog's footprints and to stand the muddy walking boots to dry, and to wrap a broken glass to save the bin man getting cut. Otherwise = straight into the H&F handy recycling sack


    @LondonW12 Nick Tarry
    I find H&F News lights the fire really nicely!