Monday, 29 November 2010

Mugging on Percy Road, W12 this morning

On a local discussion forum, a Busher writes thus:

My daughter was mugged at 5:30am this morning on Percy Road on her way to work.  The guy was on a bicycle, black, middle aged, thin and wore a hoody.  Anyone see anything or anyone fitting this description, go to the police as the next person he mugs (or worse)could be you or one of your children.

I hope she is OK. Someone I know who stores his kids bikes in a shed had that broken into last week and one of the bikes stolen. When he reported it to the local police they told him that many bikes are now taken in order to commit this sort of crime, on a bike.

Erconwald Road in East Acton actually has a sign warning of mobile thefts being carried out by thieves on bikes as well.

Keep your wits about you.


  1. I imagine that the Police know exactly who they are looking for. If the mugger is the person that I think, then he is a prolific offender. I don't have a name for him unfortunately.

  2. I am moving to a flat on askew road near the uxbridge rd end - this story and the comments from the stabbing post in June worries me significantly as a single woman who often would need to come home late - probably taking the bus/ walk from S Bush central....

    should I be extra cautious and cab it after 10 ? My logic tells me that Askew Road being a fairly main road should be safer than a residential road that's quiet and dark ... Would that be true of is the drug problem all over this bit of the Bush rather than Askew rd itself?

    Advice greatly appreciated...

    Thank you in advance

  3. a tall black man in his twenties with army style camouflage jacket,black hat and combat trousers tried to mug me in Ravenscourt Park at 7:15 am this morning. I luckily was able to fend him off and run away but please be careful everyone.