Saturday, 20 November 2010

QPR turn corner on road to premiership?

Today may well mark a turning point on the road to premier league football next year for QPR. It's just one set of results but the very long duel that has been going on at the top of the Championship between Rangers and Cardiff has just resulted in QPR knocking Preston away with a commanding 3-1 performance at home, while Cardiff were thumped 2-0 by Nottingham Forest - in Cardiff.

The only thing you can say with any certainty at the moment is that QPR will be serious contenders at the end of this season, which in these dark and gloomy nights seems a million miles away but in the warm spring games that will decide the promotion prospects we know we'll be up there among them.

What today's set of results might tell you is that of the two top teams QPR seem to have more staying power than Cardiff. Both teams are draw specialists this season, and in Rangers case this means they've still yet to be beaten. But the murmurings about the lack of outright wins by Neil Warnock's side must surely be silenced now and all eyes looking at next weekend for a confirmation.

And why next weekend? Well, next saturday we play Cardiff at home. A massive, massive mid season fixture that takes on all sorts of psychological dimensions now. Lose and you have to think it would be hard for the losing side to pick themselves up again, win and the players would have to start getting a feeling of destiny.

I'll be there, in the South Africa Road paddocks this time, and so should you be if you can. This might just be our time.

What a change from the days of Mad Dog and the Strange Man.


  1. Just like to remind your good self and the viewers that H & F already have an excellent team in the premiership and have done since 2001.

    Furthermore, a large number of Bush dwellers like myself actually support Fulham FC as opposed to the mob you continue to venerate on this fine blog.

    Having said that should you win promotion to the fantasy league, I"ll look forward to some competitive derbies next year.

  2. well a lot of people in the Bush would also support other teams that have no relevance to W12, such as Manchester Utd or Chelsea - but there's only one team actually in and of the Bush - and that's QPR

  3. While Saturday's game against Bardiff is indeed a big one I don't think it will settle anything. Either team can lose on saturday and still recover to win the league.
    The important thing for the Rs is remain well clear of third place. After what happened in the play-offs last time, no QPR fan wants to enter that lottery.
    The key to success this season is keeping the supremely gifted Adel Taraabt fit and interested. He is streets ahead of any other player in the league and can win games almost single-handedly.