Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Police Helicopter over Askew Road searches for man in garden

You asked - I answered! Some of you asked about a police helicopter waking you up in the early hours over Askew Road so I put in a call to the local Police, who answered very promptly, so full marks to them. A spokeswoman told me:

"We did call the police helicopter out at 01:28hrs along Bassein Park Road, W12 as a local resident informed us that a male had been seen jumping into a garden. The area was searched with no trace of anyone".

So there you have it. Personally I think it's great that a worried resident making that call got such a swift response which on this occasion might not have found anyone but in future may well do. Well done rozzers.


  1. You think it's great, I think it's absurd. The chopper made a hell of a racket for 15 minutes or so, waking up most people in the vicinity, and for what? The off-chance that it might catch someone who'd maybe jumped into a garden? There's something called proportionate response. Any idea what scrambling this machine cost? Maybe the police will be more reticent on that question. From a grumpy resident of Davisville Road

  2. you may feel different if it had been your garden! but in fairness i wasnt woken up by it

  3. Chris - thanks for finding the answer to my question... much appreciated!