Friday, 23 March 2012

STUNG: Police vid of H&F crims in act

Crims in H&F have been caught red handed by houses and vehicles left deliberately equipped with cameras ready to capture passing villains who want to try and break into them. This video, which boasts that the scheme has yielded a 100% conviction rate and over 8 years worth of sentences, is well worth a watch if only to catch a glimpse of who these people are that think it's OK to smash their way into your car or home.

H&F I'm told is the first borough in London to actually have properties set up in this way and the stats tell their own story in terms of success against thieves. Watch until at least half way through when you see a particularly well dressed crim who's crawled through a window and tries to make off with the telly - he spends half his time looking in the mirror - gotta look good when you're a-thievin, innit.

It's part of Operation Glatton and continues a trend in H&F of "sting" or decoy vehicles set for the purpose of catching wrong-do-ers. It's this sort of innovation that has started winning the Police in Shepherd's Bush national awards. I had the chance to see their work for myself last year. Carry on the good work.


  1. Hats off to H&F for using this scheme! Decoy vehicles used in Addison Ward really slashed a recent spate of motor vehicle theft - great stuff! But as we hear at the Ward panel meetings, a lot of people leave cars wide open (unlocked), valuables on seats etc...It is great catch the people theiving, but I dare say some common sense goes a long way in preventing opportunistic crime from happening in the first place!

  2. This is simply unbelievably and makes my blood boil. Those arseholes should all be shot!