Friday, 23 March 2012

Video: What are YOU wearing Shepherd's Bush?!

"ooh, I like your bag"! exclaims the young guy presenting this fairly random film taken on the edges of Westfield, and he stops passing men to get them to tell us all what they're wearing. I assume he is a fashion student or something, but this is worth watching just for the mild comedy factor! Most amusing for me is how the passing blokes try to name drop their employers (who happen to be based in Westfield, donchaknow) into the conversation without it looking like name-dropping.

Wait for "Phil" at the end - who is told he's really cool and that the presenter likes his moustache as well - "thanks very much" says a beaming Phil.

I assume it was approved filming by Westfield - after all, this is what happens when they don't like what you're filming...


  1. why pay a fortune on heavily marketed branded clothes which cost a few pounds to make in a far East sweat shop. For individuality and QUALITY cotton which is difficult to find these days raid your relatives cupboards or go to charity shops. That way you help them to declutter and saves you enough money, enough for a holiday to buy identical copies in the far East

  2. oh my god, where are all the real men gone??? =))

  3. why no females? c'mon we are the original fashionistas!
    i reckon he is gay ans was trying to pick up a fella....