Saturday, 17 March 2012

Dairy Crest site: Tower planned

The Bush Twin Towers
Guess what? Our Council want another tower! This time it's the regeneration of the Dairy Crest site, which we last looked at as a result of the fire that raged there one morning, provoking a very strange day in the Bush.

The developers, Helical Bar, wish to construct a 30 storey tower, to go alongside the 35 storey one by Imperial College, to form what might be known as the Twin Towers of the Bush. I say might be, because one of the residents who sent me this information suggested it and I thought it sounded quite good. Who knows.

Anyway, there is a chance to have a look at the plans which are represented by the above image which has been sent to me ahead of it even apppearing on their own website - and certainly appears here ahead of anywhere else, so click on it to get a better view.

The details of the drop-in sessions, which are open to all, are as follows:
  • Wood Lane Community Centre, in Wood Lane 3pm - 8pm March 23 
  • Phoenix High School Post 16 Centre, in The Curve, 10am - 2pm March 24
  • Harrow Club in Preston Road 4pm - 8pm March 26
Macfarlane Road and the surrounding streets have all been blitzed by the developers with what have been described to me as "glossy brochures" which apparently say little about the size and scale of the plans. Take a look for yourselves at the drop in session - I might even see you there.


  1. Hmmm, I wonder if anyone on the ruling Tory group has ever read Golding's "The Spire"?

  2. The demand to live and work in London is potentially virtually unlimited - building tall buildings to make the most of limited space should rarely be dismissed out of hand. The desire of the pampered residents of Kensington and Chelsea for an uninterrupted skyline can hardly be considered a major factor.