Thursday, 22 March 2012

Man hit by bus outside tube

Pic taken by reader working at Kodak Shop
A man has reportedly been hit by a bus outside Shepherd's Bush Market tube station, causing the air ambulance to land on the Green. Emergency services are at the scene and I have asked the local police for a situation update which I will post on here as and when I get it.

Air ambulance on Bush Geen - Pic courtesy of @shunnock
It has horrible echoes of an incident only weeks ago outside the other central line station. We are all hoping that the outcome is different of course.

In the meantime keep your fellow Bushers updated on the comments section in the normal way.

1600 UPDATE - I understand the man has been airlifted to hospital from the Air Ambulance now and that the Police are trying to re-clear the Uxbridge Road which has been blocked according to some of you since the accident took place.

1800 UPDATE - It appears that the victim was conveyed to hospital by road, rather than by air ambulance as several eye witnesses reported - which has been gleefully tweeted and retweeted by the Chronicle, presumably because they took so long to catch up with the story today. Let's remind ourselves of their committment to accuracy, shall we? Leave the pettiness for another time, boys.

FRIDAY 0730 UPDATE - And, lo, ahead of the Chronicle here are the details which I've just received from the Police on yesterdays' incident, with a spokesman telling me:

"we were called by the LAS at 1448 to Frithville Gardens at junction with Uxbridge Road to a male pedestrian who was involved in a Road Traffic Collision. The Air Ambulance landed at Shepherds Bush Common at 1452 and treated a male who had deep cuts to his head and was, at the time, unconscious. The Uxbridge Road was reduced to one line of traffic outside Shepherds Bush Market Station and at 1517 the male was taken by Ambulance to a local hospital. The roads were reopened at 1535".

The man's injuries are NOT believed life threatening or life changing. So that's a relief.

sent in by reader wishing to remain anonymous

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  1. As an occasional driver on the Uxbridge Road, I can only say that it's amazing so few people seem to get hit, as pedestrians appear to assume they are protected by God/Allah/force fields as they lurch into the road and cross it at random without looking left or right.

    No judgement on this chap, to whom I wish a speedy and full recovery! Just try to be more careful, everyone...