Thursday, 15 March 2012

Car smashes into shop on Askew Road

pic from @sachab
A car, clearly driven at high speed, has smashed into the front of the print shop just down from the doctor's surgery on Askew Road this morning. Locals have reported that the driver first hit more than one other car before ploughing into the shop, and then allegedly abandoned the vehicle - prompting suspicions that it was stolen but this has yet to be confirmed by the Police. I have asked them for details.

The print shop, which I and I'm sure many of you use, is a small business which has built a local reputation among the other businesses along the road for good service. This morning they'll be arriving to a scene of devastation and will understandably be very upset. If they're reading this I think I can say we all wish them a speedy return to business and getting back on their feet. 

In the meantime feel free to update your fellow Bushers in the normal way via the comments. More to come.

0930 UPDATE - some of the speculation about it being stolen appears to be being withdrawn, which is a good sign. In the meantime someone else has pointed out that people actually live above that shop, which means the flat/s will need to be checked to ensure the structure is still sound. So thoughts with them too.


  1. Hope no-one was hurt.

    Reminds me of poor old Mac's cameras over the other side of Ravenscourt Park. A nice chap, clinging onto his business - which was eventually torpedoed when a car swerved off the road and smashed the front of his shop in. The insurance row that followed was enough to send the business under. Sincerely hope history doesn't repeat itself.

    1. loved that shop, bought a lot of odd bits from him including a paxiscope

  2. Hardly surprises me. People whizz down Askew Rd so fast... There are largely two types of drivers on Askew Road; those who show a blatant disregard for the pedestrian crossings and then those who drive across, but give an apologetic wave to any waiting pedestrians...

  3. This happened early, between 6 and 7 am when the road is pretty much wide open. When I returned walking up past the Orchard at 7:30 and saw the police tape, my first thought was "oh dear" since the last time I saw tape at that spot was the murder scene across the street.

    Someone at the scene told me the driver ran away. If that car wasn't stolen then I'd suspect drugs/alcohol. Something tells me this guy was going far above normal Askew Road speeding speeds and someone pulled out as per normal. I've got some pics of the scene if you want them.

    As for zebra crossings, that one across from Ravenscourt Park and the Goldhawk Road speeders is my worry. Kids crossing all day long for a nursery and park, plus speeding vans trying to get to the M4/M40/M3 is not a good combo. I once saw a woman hit so hard on the crossing she flew over the length of the van that hit her without touching it, cartwheeling and landing on the road behind. In a more litigious society, that would be dealt with one way or another.

  4. My name is not Gordon16 March 2012 at 09:05

    I have just taken a closer look at the shop on my way past. The door seems to be fine. Some windows have been boarded up, but there seems to be very little damage inside. One set of shelves appears to have been damaged.

    There are no signs in the windows to say the shop won't be open, and I think it probably will be.

    Hopefully the shop had insurance and hopefully the insurers will get the work done whilst they are busy wrangling with the car's insurer...

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