Monday, 12 December 2011

Shepherd's Bush Green Hotel - new details

With thanks to the eagle-eyed reader who sent this in to me new details have emerged in the form of a planning ammendment to the hotel due to change the face of the Green.

The Pavillion building, which has stood vacant and decaying for years, is to be transformed into a 242 room hotel called the Hotel Dorsett Regency in 2014.

Sounds posh - and not quite sure what the guests will make of the drunken Australians from the Walkabout bar they'll be valiantly protected from by a top hat & tailed porter outside. But it's surely good news, if only to stop the building housing the local rat population.

That much we knew already, but here are some of the things that will be found inside...

Non-Material Minor Amendment to Planning Permission 2009/02635/FUL granted 17th September 2010 for the Use of the premises as a 242 bedroom hotel; bar, two restaurant areas at ground floor level; leisure facilities comprising conference facilities, gym, laundry and plant rooms in two full basement floors and a third basement floor of 215 sq.m., replacement of existing curved roof with glazed roof and altered roof profile and extended third to fifth floor levels to the north, roof top extension and erection of a plant above to southern side; demolition of rear elevation facing west onto Pennard Road and parts of the side elevations and replacement with new elevations involving alterations to existing footprint of the building to the north and west; single storey extension to south elevation; erection of new entrance canopy to the front fa├žade at Shepherd's Bush Green at ground floor level; installation of flagpoles over new front entrance; modification to and opening up of doorways and windows in front elevation; provision of loading bay to northern elevation; erection of two sets of entrance gates onto Shepherd's Bush Green.

All looks good to me but what do those of you who live on Pennard Road, already affected by the Council's plans with Orion to construct seven floors of luxury flats on top of the market think?


  1. Thank you for the details. Sounds very good place.

  2. sounds much more sensible than the plan to turn it into a casino.

  3. When is this due to start?

  4. one less empty building in the borough

  5. Great news, thanks. It has to be good in the long term because it means successful business is seeing the potential of Shepherds Bush as a realistic prospect.

    No doubt someone will find something negative to say about it, but think of the money, jobs & prestige it will bring.

    And at last the sad, unloved, neglected, magnificent building will have an owner that loves it.

  6. With any luck there will be a massive rent rise next door and Walkabout will be priced out of the market.

    Or better still Dorset Regency will 'make them an offer' they can't refuse. Like multiple ASBOs.

  7. Its a pretty big building if I remember rightly. I wonder how much social housing the local authority could have put in there if they had a mind to...

    ...Oh yeah, that would keep the wrong kind of people in the borough and not turn a profit wouldn't it? But you're right too Brett, it will likely create jobs in the area, the rich will always need to poor to make their beds and cook their food.

  8. Hammersmith and Fulham has some of the most expensive property on earth. Whilst not denying that there is high demand for low cost social housing, it won't (given this fact) ever make sense or even be possible to satisfy more than a fraction of this demand. So it is perfectly sensible that some high end commercial development be permitted on what ought to be one of the centres of the borough. After all, there is a fair amount of social housing already on both the north and south sides of the green.

  9. Lee, social housing would have been great. Anything that would convert a derelict building into something good improves the environment for everyone. It's a shame it didn't happen years ago.

    I'm not very political, so I don't know if your comment about jobs for poor people serving the rich was meant sarcastically. But I don't see the world that way. I just see people of many kinds trying to get along together and their fortunes fluctuate - but they can still find common ground surely.