Monday, 5 December 2011

Car parking charges frozen

H&F Council has frozen car parking charges in the borough to stay at £2.20 and £2.80 per hour in the quieter and busier streets. That means they won't be going up this year in a move the Council says is aimed at giving residents "respite" from the chill economic winds blowing through the country at the moment.

Here's Councillor Nick Botterill, Deputy Leader of H&F speaking to the Evening Standard:
"We know that local people are feeling the pinch and this is one way of showing our support by giving residents some financial respite. We are making sure motorists get a fair deal by not increasing our parking permits or pay and display charges."
Some might say £2.80 is already too high, but the Council does deserve credit for this and it does stand in sharp contrast to next door Westminster who seem intent on imposing new crippling car parking charges. Well done on this one.


  1. Car parking is one of the most frustrated thing while you doing it in cities. That is good that the parking charges has been frozen.

  2. Any chance of some "respite" for those of us who can't afford or even choose, for whatever reason, not to run a car in these though times?

  3. Parking charges went up from £1.80 to £2.80 within 3 years in some part of Shepherds Bush. Up 50% in three years - although to be fair, charges had not gone up for several years before that!

  4. Maybe they haven't got any retirement parties coming up!