Saturday, 3 December 2011

Time Out: Askew Road is on the up

The Great Askew Road Food Resurgence is the title of Time Out's review of our very own Askew Road, which features many of the shops that have enabled the road to make the journey from what the listings magazine rightly refers to as a "desolate strip linking Uxbridge Road to Goldhawk Road" to being an emerging gem of W12.

The butchers Ginger Pig, the bakery Lavelli and the Eagle pub all get a mention - and its a rare piece of good news coverage for an area that has seen the darker side of life in Shepherd's Bush all too often. So well done, Askew Road, and carry on the good work.


  1. Ginger Pig and Askew Road, who'dathunkit? Lets hope the drains don't back up again for them after they move in.

    And Lavelli was one of my faves before I moved to the other side of the world. Even their ham, cheese and mustard baguette was something worth walking out of your way for.

  2. The Askew Road down our way, that still has boarded-up pubs? Wow! And to think the Eagle was a very dodgy pub with QPR and English flags where the staff always stared at me warily every time I went in!

  3. Whatever happened with the rumour from your mole at council Chris which stated that Waitrose was coming to Askew Road at the former sun pub?

  4. well the "mole" actually had documentary evidence! so I assume either they've withdrawn for some reason or there is a delay - was wondering about that the other day, will do some digging

  5. It's exciting to have these new places along goldhawk rd! I also spotted a great vintage clothes shop along there recently! best of luck to goldhawk rd !

  6. there's only one boarded-up pub now (which still has the amazing notice in the window "this bup is close").

    18 months ago, it felt like a third to a half of all the shops on Askew were standing empty.

    now they're almost all taken. and the posh butcher is in Dino's Emporium, which cluttered up the pavement and then stood messily empty after the murder. getting rid of that that has had a big impact on the feel of the street.

    i think it's because of the Hammersmith Academy opening this year just behind Askew Road. this is now the catchment area for a desirable state secondary school, which is a precious commodity in London. and the Toby Young Memorial Free School isn't far away either, with all its publicity.

    We started joking about rebranding this 'Askew Village' after the murder, when it felt like the area was at a low point, and the Askew Village Business Network. now i hear people calling it Askew Village for real!

  7. 'Askew Village'. God help us.