Friday, 23 December 2011

Compare and contrast: Fulham V Hammersmith

Not Stephen Greenhalgh
A lot of you have alleged that our Council seem to deal out different treatment to residents who live in Fulham as compared to those who live in Hammersmith. I understand that most of the ruling group themselves live in Fulham.

As if to make the point the Council themselves have released this film of a public meeting relating to Thames Water over Thames Tideway Tunnel, which starts with Council Leader Stephen Greenhalgh thundering, voice raised, about how residents MUST be listened to before a planning decision that will blight the area is made. We LIVE HERE, he cries!

He doesn't stop there, after a few residents questions, Cllr Greenhalgh can't resist the fray any longer and gets stuck in again, bellowing about alleged corporate financial interests taking precedence over the wishes of local people. DON'T insult us, he hisses, it's obvious! Shocking. Almost like property developers who want to build luxury flats.

And at the end he urges Thames Water to look - just look! - at the raised hands in OPPOSITION TO THIS SCHEME! - Fulham says NO he rages, beginning to sound like the Rev. Iain Paisley in 1960s Northern Ireland, "NO, No, No!"

Fair enough - local people should be listened to. But my, what a contrast to the King Street residents.

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  1. Loved the climax to the video:
    "does Fulham say "No!"?"
    "Er, you mean "Yes"', no?"
    "Yes, we mean "No!" Er,yes.."
    "Fulham says "No!""
    Not the most skilful piece of rabble-rousing I've ever seen........
    Look forward to the meeting where he "empowers" the people of West Ken and Gibbs Green.......