Friday, 30 December 2011

Askew Business Network event in Jan

The chaps and chapesses of the Askew Business Network, who have helped turn the road from a stagnant side-pond into a part of the Bush that is winning rave reviews, are having another of their regular networking events at the Greyhound Pub on Thursday 12th January.

The subject of this discussion will be, er, "Managing Your Online Reputation" and will run from between 6pm to 8.30pm. I assume this means having a good website and customer reviews but there's a small chance it might mean dealing with the likes of pesky local bloggers.

Here's what the organisers have to say:

"Having a strong online presence is a crucial marketing tool for many small businesses. But what does it say about you?

Local publisher Cresta Norris, author of, talks about the importance of managing your online reputation in today’s social media-driven world. She will talk about how reputation is determined by the wisdom of others and why, online, the sum of the whole is bigger than any of the parts.

She will also give tips and examples of how to:

  • Prepare consistent online information
  • Understand the rules of online networking
  • Inoculate yourself and your business against future problems
  • Create successful campaigns that will benefit your business.
Entry to the event is free. All local businesses and residents are welcome. Just buy your own drinks at the bar.

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