Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Hammersmith Irish Centre gets £500K from Government

...The Irish Government, that is. The Centre, which is a focal point for the Irish diaspora in London, in particularly the elderly, has been under threat since our Council changed its mind about a lease extension to 2017, for which it had already sent the documents to the Centre, and announced it was going to sell the building instead.

This prompted the Irish Government to declare itself "disappointed" with H&F Council, with President Macaleese even having paid a visit there alongside Council Leader Stephen Greenhalgh not very long before the announcement to sell. The Centre itself launched an online petition calling for the Council to reconsider alongside their own fundraising campaign to buy the building, which now seems distinctly possible.

Irish Central has all the low-down here

Reflecting on this you have to give our Council credit, really. Amid the sound and fury it now seems that the Council taxpayer will not be footing a bill for a continued local service which will now apparently be funded by a combination of private donations and investment from the Irish. Whatever the rights and wrongs of how they have managed the processes that's a pretty impressive end result.


  1. You're giving the council credit for holding a knife to the throat of a precious local service until a foreign Government feels blackmailed enough to cough up?!
    We should tell the NHS to stop treating people until a private sponsor is found. That'll save a load of money, as well. This council is simply reneging on its responsibilities - why aren't Irish council tax payers entitled to a bit of support? This is just another form of privatisation. If they don't believe in Public Service they should resign, not abolish them.
    Chris, I'd take you over the quisling Chronicle anyday, but you've called this one wrong - perhaps you need a good night's sleep?

  2. Or - to put it another way - why should the Irish council taxpayers get a privilege the rest of us don't?

  3. That is a misrepresentation, not an alternative form of expression- they don't. Everybody who has a care to benefits from the Irish centre - you should visit one of its exhibitions or attend a concert or a course. Projects like the one at Blacks Road merit public support because they bring communities together and foster human happiness in the fast-moving, cultural melting pot that London has been for centuries. It's a very short-sighted council that can't see that.

  4. Interesting and mind broadening - thanks all. Grown up conversation!!

  5. Spot on tom! The british gov seem intent on abolishing communities. im glad this one has been saved!

  6. The users of the Centre mainly Pensioners of all ethnicity have been fundraising for months but the Centre is very secretative about how much has been raised! Why is that I wonder and what happens to all that cash?