Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Walkabout Shepherd's Bush in drunk violence shame

Walkabout Shepherd's Bush, which wants a license for ever later opening hours so it can sell booze around the clock, was the venue for yet another booze fuelled punch-up on monday night. And while this will come as no surprise to the residents of Pennard Road and others who oppose the license application it attracted the media's interest because two of the idiots involved were rugby players for London Wasps. has the lowdown here and reports that:
The two players were drinking in the Walkabout pub in Shepherds Bush on Monday night when the altercation took place with a group of men.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said: "Officers were called at 22.30 to reports of an altercation at the Walkabout Public House on Shepherds Bush Green, W12.

"An incident is being investigated by officers from the violent crime unit at Hammersmith and Fulham police. No one has yet been arrested and our enquiries are ongoing."

I don't believe Walkabout have yet issued a comment but no doubt this will further burnish their credentials as responsible members of the Shepherd's Bush community. 


  1. My spies tell me that the rugby player that got battered completely deserved it as he was provoking everybody.

  2. This event was reported on Sky TV this afternoon (Wasps v Bath) and only mentioned Shepherds Bush as the venue of the shameful events - so thanks, Walkabout, for the unnecessary and undeserved mention on national TV which only served to sully the reputation of a great part of London in the eyes of many, whereas it should have questioned the culture of drunkenness encouraged openly by the Walkabout.
    In addition the Walkabout's desire to open until later and later will only add to this sort of nonsense, and should be opposed, especially in the ppight of the fact that Shepherds Bush will no longer have 24 hour policing by the SNT.