Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Shepherd's Bush Acid Rapist sells drugs & phones in prison

Daniel Lynch, the thug who decided to pay another coward to throw a cup of acid in a girl's face for dumping him, has been found to be trading drugs and mobile phones from HMP Pentonville according to the Sun today who report that a large amount of cannabis and several mobile phones have been found in his prison cell.

Lynch, from Becklow Gardens between Uxbridge and Askew Roads, was given a 16 year tariff for his part in the crime but the guy he paid to actually carry out the act received what I thought then and still do to be an absolutely pathetic sentence of 6 years. The effects of Stefan Sylvestre's actions in throwing that cup of acid as Katie Piper walked home to her home in Golders Green scarred the former model for life and she spent much of the next year having to live inside a plastic bag. 

That she then emerged as such an amazing human being by campaigning for the rights of other women who have been victims of the same appalling crime and then delivered the Channel 4 alternative Christmas message last year put her bravery in stark contrast with the derisory actions of the moronic Judge that day, Nicholas Browne QC.

Since Lynch was put away he has confirmed what many of us thought when he was sentenced, namely that 16 years would be extended because he'd be unable to keep himself out of trouble when inside, by firstly convincing a female prison officer to have a sexual affair with him (how desperate must she have been?!) and now by striking up a nice little side earner in drugs and mobile telephony from his supposedly secure prison cell.

So it seems one of Shepherd's Bush's lowest of the low won't be seeing W12 for something approaching 20 years now, as a prison source told the Sun "It's possible Lynch could have been trading the phones or renting them out. It could hit his chances of parole in the future."

I'm sure we'll all be devastated to hear that. 

In the meantime here is Katie talking about her experiences and future campaigns. She waived her right to anonymity as a rape victim in order to fight for the rights of others who have been victims of this devastating crime. How many people do you think would be as strong as this?


  1. Chris you seem to have got your facts wrong, lynch threatened to hurt Stefan Sylvestre's family, he did not pay him. Before you say it I know that does not condone his actions. Sylvestre was also scarred for life by lynch.

  2. If that's true then I'll alter what I'm saying but I haven't seen that reported anywhere. Can you point out where it has been? Thanks for the info though.

  3. Hi Chris, thanks for your article, not sure what the previous commentator was on about as you covered Katie's story very well and I think the point is about increased awareness regarding what happened to Katie than getting pedantic about the criminals who committed this atrocity. There is no excuse for what they did and it's the most horrendous crime and even more appalling that the person who threw acid on her only got 6 years!

  4. maybe he was threatened by daniel lynch and seriously was scared not to do what lynch said..

  5. What a piece of crap..such a vindictive pig of a man...love katie..think shes inspirational and strong.

  6. Paid or not - the guy had a choice and he knew right from wrong - he chose to throw the acid. I've never heard any reports that he was coerced or threatened to do it. That he got 6 years is the biggest crime of all! I agree with the previous comment though - raised awareness should be the aim of this story!

  7. Those two are thugs and scum scraping the barrel of society. Of course, however he presented himself, a girl would never expect him to turn out to be a rapist low life that he is...however, after reading the flirty messages that Katie responded to on fb, it can only lead me to believe that she is not so bright as all of the women I know would have read those and received a massive red flag and not responded to such an illiterate scumbag. Of course we life in too much of a PC society to voice such common sense statements where victims can never ever be accused of being anything less than complete saints irrespective of common sense the rest of us have.