Monday, 6 December 2010

BBC report on "Save our Skyline"

The BBC are reporting on our Council's apparent determination to force through the redevelopment of King Street against the express wishes of the people who live there. At the last residents meeting no fewer than 400 people heard Council Leader Cllr Greenhalgh promise to "listen" to what was being said about the plans and that he was "hurt" that they felt he wasn't.

The next day he submitted the plans unchanged to developers. This evening's meeting of residents is likely to be no laughing matter for the Council again, and somehow I doubt so many councillors are planning to attend.


  1. DCLG have made this announcement today - might be worth a letter to the Secretary of State if you haven't already

  2. Con-Dems set to announce a bill this week which will sweep away planning regulations by giving neighbourhood groups the right to approve developments via local referendums.

    Come on then, Tory Hammersmith council. Put your money where your mouth is.